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ORDINANCE NO. 2019 - 5 T <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF SUNNY ISLES BEACH, FLORIDA, <br /> AMENDING CHAPTER 99 OF THE CITY OF SUNNY ISLES BEACH <br /> CODE OF ORDINANCES ENTITLED "PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY"; <br /> CREATING A NEW ARTICLE III WITHIN CHAPTER 99 OF THE CODE <br /> TO BE ENTITLED "PROHIBITION ON DISTRIBUTIONAND SALE OF <br /> PLASTIC BEVERAGE STRAWS," TO PROHIBIT THE DISTRIBUTION <br /> OF PLASTIC BEVERAGE STRAWS TO REDUCE WASTE; PROVIDING <br /> FOR DEFINITIONS; PROVIDING FOR PROHIBITIONS AND <br /> EXCEPTIONS; PROVIDING FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION; PROVIDING <br /> OR ENFORCEMENT AND PENALTIES; AMENDING THE SCHEDULE <br /> OF CIVIL PENALTIES AND MISCELLANEOUS FEES IN CHAPTER 14 <br /> OF THE CODE; PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY; PROVIDING FOR <br /> CONFLICT; PROVIDING FOR CODIFICATION; PROVIDING FOR AN <br /> EFFECTIVE DATE. <br /> WHEREAS,the City of Sunny Isles Beach is committed to environmental stewardship and <br /> leadership; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City Commission desires to conserve resources and to reduce waste, litter <br /> and pollution; and <br /> WHEREAS, discarded plastic beverage straws and plastic stirrers threaten sea life and <br /> degrade and litter the beaches and waters off Florida's coast, including areas within the City; and <br /> WHEREAS, reducing the distribution of plastic beverage straws and plastic stirrers <br /> provided to customers decreases the amount of plastic that may end up on our beaches and in our <br /> waters through litter, windblown debris and overflowing garbage cans; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City finds that there are reasonable, economical, and environmentally <br /> friendly alternatives to plastic beverage straws and plastic stirrers; and <br /> WHEREAS,the City Commission has determined that amending Chapter 99 of the City's <br /> Code of Ordinances to enact prohibitions regarding the distribution of plastic beverage straws and <br /> plastic stirrers to reduce waste within the City is in the best interest of the residents of and visitors <br /> to the City and promotes the public health, safety, and welfare. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COMMISSION OF <br /> SUNNY ISLES BEACH, FLORIDA: <br /> Section 1. Incorporation of Recitals. The foregoing "WHEREAS" clauses are hereby <br /> incorporated herein. <br /> Section 2. Amendment of Chapter 99 and Creation of Article III. Chapter 99, "Public Health <br /> and Safety," of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Sunny Isles Beach is hereby amended to <br /> create ARTICLE III, "Prohibition on Distribution and Sale of Plastic Beverage Straws,"to read as <br /> follows: <br />