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<br />(b) LOBBYIST - All persons, firms, or corporations employed or retained by a principal <br />who seeks to encourage the passage, defeat, or modifications of (1) ordinance, <br />resolution, action or decision of the City Commission; (2) any action, decision, <br />recommendation of City Board or Committee; or (3) any action, decision or <br />recommendation of City personnel during the time period of the entire decision- <br />making process on such action, decision or recommendation which foreseeably will be <br />heard or reviewed by the City Commission, or a City Board or Committee. <br />"Lobbyist" specifically includes the principal, as defined in this section, as well as any <br />agent, officer or employee of a principal, regardless of whether such lobbying <br />activities fall within the normal scope of employment of such agent, officer or <br />employee. The term "Lobbyist" specifically excludes any person who only appears as <br />a representative of a not-for-profit corporation or entity (such as charitable <br />organization. a trade association or trade union), without special compensation or <br />reimbursement for the appearance, whether direct, indirect, or contingent, to express <br />support or opposition to any item; however, such person shall register with the City <br />Clerk as required by this Section, but, upon request, shall not be required to pay any <br />registration fees. <br /> <br />(c) PRINCIPAL - All persons, firms, or corporations who employ a Lobbyist. <br /> <br />Section 4. Lobbyist Registration, Fees, Renewal and Withdrawal. All lobbyists shall register <br />with the City Clerk before engaging in any lobbying activities in the City. Every person required to <br />register as a lobbyist shall: <br />(1) Register as a Lobbyist. <br /> <br />a. Complete the annual Lobbyist Registration form, as prepared by the City <br />Clerk, stating under oath his or her name, business address, and the name <br />and business address of each person or entity which has employed the <br />registrant to lobby. If the lobbyist represents a corporation, it shall also be <br />identified. Without limiting the foregoing, the lobbyist shall also identify <br />all persons holding, directly or indirectly, a five percent (5%) or more <br />ownership interest in the corporation, partnership, or trust. <br /> <br />b. Pay an annual Lobbyist Registration fee of $250. <br /> <br />(2) Register and Disclose Terms for Each Principal Represented. <br /> <br />a. Complete the annual Principal Registration form, as prepared by the City <br />Clerk, prior to conducting any lobbying for each principal (client) being <br />lobbied. Such application shall include a requirement that the lobbyist <br />state under oath, his or her name, business address, the name and business <br />address of each person or entity by which s/he has been employed to lobby, <br />as well as a letter of permission signed by the person, entity, principal or <br />the principal's representative, stating that the lobbyist is authorized to <br />represent him/her/it, together with a disclosure of the terms and amount of <br />compensation paid by each principal to the lobbyist. Each lobbyist and <br />his/her principal shall attach a copy of a fee letter and specify whether any <br />bonuses, success fees, or other consideration shall be received for such <br /> <br />02006-2(\() Lobbying Ordinance Revised <br /> <br />Page 2 01'7 <br />